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In 2015, we launched the Y's first national ad campaign with the slogan, For a Better Us. Our brief was to communicate the purpose-driven work the Y does and remind people it’s a charity worthy of support. Our strategy was to highlight how the Y adapts to the needs of communities around the country, providing resources and services that help people thrive. To launch the campaign, we focused on two of the more underserved neighborhoods in America. "Places" (above) was the first spot to air. Everyone in the film is a West Baltimore resident.

"Idle Hands"

"Idle Hands" was the second film in our inaugural campaign. It tackles the lack of community spaces in low-income neighborhoods and demonstrates The Y's role as a place where at-risk youth can productively channel their energy.


Our second round of work for the Y's For A Better Us campaign came during the most divisive year in recent America history. We wanted to explore the idea of "us" in America, why our bonds are eroding and how the Y plays a crucial role in helping communities heal and bond.

One Number Different

In our third installment of the For A Better Us campaign, we wanted to point out the inequality at the heart of so many of the nation’s problems and highlight how the Y creates shared opportunity in communities nationwide. The film centers around the belief that in a country as wealthy as America, a single digit in your zip code shouldn’t determine your future.

Zoe for President

As a follow up to our launch work, we gave the world Zoe, a one year-old girl running for 2064. The work highlighted The Y's commitment to youth development at a time when the country was deciding which maniac to put in the White House.

Zoe for President

Zoe's first campaign ad above. General campaign love below.

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